Uncle Extra Large Mug

£24.00 Incl.VAT

A hand thrown extra large mug made especially for that cherished Uncle in the finest porcelain.

Treat that number one uncle to his very own special mug. Emblazoned with his name and date, if personalised, so that there is no mistaking who’s mug it is! A heart warming gift specifically for him, meeting his extra-large cup of tea requirements.

The perfect gift for that tea-loving hard to buy for Uncle. A wonderful gift from your kids to your brother, a little thank you for all those giggle-inducing games only an uncle can bring about.

Go that extra mile of thoughtfulness by adding the year in which your amazing Uncle became an Uncle or the year that he was born; Eg. Est.1980.

Part of the Daddy, Grandad and Uncle extra large mug range.

Personalised mugs take approximately 5 days to dispatch.


made from:

Hand thrown in the finest porcelain, dishwasher and microwave friendly.


D.10cm x H.9.5cm, Capacity approx.500ml

Additional information

Date Est.

Est.2024, Est.2023, Est.1940, Est.1941, Est.1942, Est.1943, Est.1944, Est.1945, Est.1946, Est.1947, Est.1948, Est.1949, Est.1950, Est.1951, Est.1952, Est.1953, Est.1954, Est.1955, Est.1956, Est.1957, Est.1958, Est.1959, Est.1960, Est.1961, Est.1962, Est.1963, Est.1964, Est.1965, Est.1966, Est.1967, Est.1968, Est.1969, Est.1970, Est.1971, Est.1972, Est.1973, Est.1974, Est.1975, Est.1976, Est.1977, Est.1978, Est.1979, Est.1980, Est.1981, Est.1982, Est.1983, Est.1984, Est.1985, Est.1986, Est.1987, Est.1988, Est.1989, Est.1990, Est.1991, Est.1992, Est.1993, Est.1994, Est.1995, Est.1996, Est.1997, Est.1998, Est.1999, Est.2000, Est.2001, Est.2002, Est.2003, Est.2004, Est.2005, Est.2006, Est.2007, Est.2008, Est.2009, Est.2010, Est.2011, Est.2012, Est.2013, Est.2014, Est.2015, Est.2016, Est.2017, Est.2018, Est.2019, Est.2020, Est.2021, Est.2022, No date please


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