Make a Wish Candle Holder Set

£68.00 Incl.VAT

Spread some magic with the ‘Make a Wish’ hand thrown porcelain tea light tray

A bold and uniquely touching centre piece. Light some tea lights in the precious porcelain holders to create a positive and relaxing atmosphere.

Match the candle holders to your mood or season with the choice of words: Calm, Relax, Serenity, Quiet and Love OR Joy, Love, Unity, Comfort and Peace

The perfect gift for that busy friend; give them the excuse to create some much needed and well deserved “me-time”. Light some candles, kick back and relax.

Complete with a choice of 5 tea light holders emblazoned with the words: Joy, Love, Unity, Comfort and Peace or Calm, Relax, Serenity, Quiet and Love.

Each tea light holder sits delitcately on the circular tray around the central words ‘Make a Wish’.

If you already have a ‘Make A Wish Candle Holder Set’ you can now order the tea lights as a set of 5 (without the tray); use one set for Autumn/Winter and the other for Spring/Summer. See separate product page.



made from:

Hand thrown in the finest porcelain, dishwasher and microwave friendly


Tray: H2.5cm x D24cm

Tea light holders: H7.5cm x D7cm

Additional information

Candle Holder Design

Spring/Summer: Calm Relax Serenity Love Quiet, Autumn/Winter: Joy Peace Unity Comfort Love


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