Gemma Wightman Ceramics produce hand thrown luxury porcelain tableware. Stunning pieces of beauty that add a sense of style to any home while inducing a real sense of joy in those using them.

Gemma Wightman trained as a potter at Bath Spa University College of Art in 2002. It was after the degree course that Gemma Wightman Ceramics was born, producing pieces firstly from a small outhouse in Surrey and then from a studio within a cooperative of artists in London.

In 2012 Gemma Wightman Ceramics made the move from the studio in London to a beautiful studio space in the garden of the home Gemma shares with her two young daughters and golden retriever Maggie, in the picturesque Surrey village of Send Marsh.

It is here that every piece of Gemma Wightman Ceramics is designed and made.

Gemma is inspired by the beautiful home in which she lives and the life she leads. In fact it is essential to Gemma that each piece she designs and makes is something that she would use herself within her home, hence the ‘Approved By Matilda and Lola’ stamp on the base of each piece.

Gemma believes it is the items we place in our homes that create a stylish interior and a welcoming atmosphere. Gemma Wightman Ceramics aims to create pieces that you will choose to have on display such as the stunningly stylish hand thrown porcelain lidded storage jars to store the every day essentials such as tea, coffee and sugar, the magnificent Utensils pot to hold your wooden spoons, or the sumptuously tactile mugs your friends will want to covet.